Lionhead Rabbit: History, Care, Personality and MORE

lionhead rabbit

Did you know that a Lionhead rabbit is the nerd of rabbits? Joking aside, these little fluffy furballs are so intelligent, they can actually learn some commands. You can teach them all sorts of new things, which will make playtime more intriguing. But is a Lionhead the best choice for your family? How can you … Read more

Rex Rabbit: Facts, Care and Health, Personality and MORE

rex rabbit

Did you know that a Rex rabbit is one of the most expressive bunnies you can find? A Rex will tell you immediately how it feels, which makes them so easy to love! Rexes need a lot of love, but it’s also easy to give it to them because they’re so affectionate and docile. However, there are plenty of … Read more

Netherland Dwarf Rabbit: Everything you need to know

netherland dwarf rabbit

When you see the cute, fluffy furball that is a Netherland Dwarf rabbit, it’s hard to imagine these are anything but angels. But the Adam and Eve of this breed were tough, aggressive balls of anger. Selective breeding has made it possible to tone down this gene as much as possible, so nowadays Netherland rabbits … Read more

Dutch Rabbit: The Ultimate Information Guide

dutch rabbit

The Dutch rabbit is the childhood pet you always wished you had, but didn’t know it. Dutch rabbits are some of the funniest, cuddliest, and lovable rabbits in the entire universe. They make for awesome companions, they’re not very demanding, and they will brighten your days. Whether you want a Dutch rabbit for the company … Read more